Discord communities across the globe work together to provide the space for people to form genuine relationships and have meaningful conversations about the interests they care about the most. Supporting people on their journey to find belonging is of utmost importance to us, and our community admins, moderators and creators are at the forefront of making it all happen. 

Moderators and creators play a unique role within their servers: one that comes with greater responsibility and results in a more unique and potentially stressful experience than their community members. In honor of World Mental Health day, we’re proud to be partnering with To Write Love On Her Arms to open the door for important conversation about burnout and help provide tools tailored to these leaders.

Burnout is a responsibility-related stress: a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that can involve a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.

Burnout can take different forms within everyone, which can make it hard to pinpoint. TWLOHA created a guide that can help moderators and creators with self-care. Along with this guide, they can find self-care support and additional mental health resources based on their individual needs. 

To continue the conversation, TWLOHA and Discord are hosting a roundtable discussion where fellow creators will sit down together and get real about their experiences with burnout. 

You can RSVP to attend the Stage channel event on October 19th at 1pm PST in the Creator Haven server, which you can join by clicking right here.

We hope you have a relaxing, stress-free World Mental Health Day. Take some time to do something nice for yourself, or enjoy your favorite hobby! Your community will always be waiting for you on Discord when you’re all rested up.